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They need not lookup for some one’s help to LIVE. They help themselves and live an independent happy life.

       º Our NGO is registered under society registration act, Registration No. is 594 of 2005.
º We also have registered our NGO under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), 12A & 80G etc.


In India joint family has been the culture of the society. Together they shared the kitchen, the business, joys and sorrows. Now with the advent of modernization gradually but steadily this system faded.

Our Organization:

Mother's Nest, as the name denotes, is started as a tender care Home for the old aged and the destitute persons who need love and care from society at large.

In the present scenario many old age people find it difficult to live under one roof with the younger generation whose living conditions do not match with the expectations of the old age people.

Though old age is inevitable, and it is a phase in everybody's life, the bitter truth is that in many house old age persons, though they are parents or any other relation are not accepted.

It becomes necessary for the old age people to look for an alternative to avoid unhealthy situation in the Family.

Mother’s Nest was started with an unique concept to give love and care for the aged and the destitute. It also has great ambition to help these persons to come out of their frustrations or grievances and live a dignified life and help the Society in many ways.

This Home though was started by a single heart’s dream it can not function well without the support of every individual who want to extend their heart and soul support for this divine cause.

Mother’s Nest:

As said earlier stresses the importance of labor. Work and eat is the policy that will be strictly followed by Mother’s Nest. The aim is to make every individual inmate to have self satisfaction that they are not a burden on any body that they will do their best in life and would never yield to live a lazy life.

Functioning of the scheme:

The scheme is to compliment and supplement the already existing government aided Old Age Homes in twin cities.

The major requirement of the scheme is Government sanction of land accessible to the community at large.

Basically the scheme will depend on donations from entrepreneur, corporate and the kind hearted public. Donations are accepted in any form. Any thing from mustard to money is accepted.

Objectives of the Nest:

The main objective or the Mission of the Nest can be explained in simple words as ‘Commitment to enable the Orphans Destitute, and the old age people to live a honorable life’.


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