Appreciation for Mothers Nest

This is to recognize and congratulate Mothers Nest Old Age Home at Neredmet, Hyderabad,the most deserving old age home and its founders,for their selfless service in serving and taking care of the elderly women who are left out by the families.

We,Rotary Saampradaya are associated with Mothers Nest Old Age Home for more than 3 years. We are so impressed with Smt.Malathy for her commitment and deication in providing all basic facilities of the elders never fade away and the residents of the home never think that they are left out.

Smt Malathy personally comes to the home 3times a day to feed the elders in person for their “Breakfast, Luch & Dinner”.

The Mothers Nest home deserves all kinds of suppport and help, as the founders struggle to maintain the home and provide the basic comforts to the elderly ladies.

We wish to express our happiness in being associated with Mothers Nest Old Age Home for elderly ladies.

D V Ramana
Chairman & Charter President
Rotary Saapradaya

Mothers Nest Old Age Home – as much as you can will help us to serve more. ->

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