Connected By Hearts

I have been in the US the last 17 years and I used to volunteer there at the hospice, children’s hospital, and old age home. I used to miss people here and volunteering gave me an opportunity to feel at home with several others.

By the time I was back, I lost my dad in an accident and my maternal grandfather who truly loved me but I could never do much for. When I visited mothers nest, it brought back so many memories and just being there felt like I was between my closest grandmothers. They treated me with love and my presence itself was something they truly cherished.

I made my resolve right then that even if I couldn’t be there for my dad I lost, I could at least be there for this family and do my drop in the ocean…

Mothers nest is truly a place that the founders of this Old Age Home created so beautifully and I can’t express my gratitude for her for taking care of so many people.

Sudha Reddy

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